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The Memorial Society of London is a Non-Profit Organization supporting consumers in making informed choices in funeral arrangements since 1963.   We are also a member of the Federation of Ontario Memorial Societies-Funeral Consumers' Alliance. 


Welcome to our website.  We hope to answer some of the questions you may have, when faced with the many decisions that have to be made.  Click on the buttons to the left to find out about us, the facts & myths surrounding funeral arrangements, how you can contact us and links to other related sites.  Thank you for visiting us on the web!

Who are We?

We are a Non-Profit Consumer Organization serving South Western Ontario, between our sister groups in Kitchener-Waterloo and Windsor.  Our boundaries go as far North as Tobermory and as far South as Lake Erie.

We offer unbiased information, for those who wish to plan or pre-plan a Funeral, so that consumers can navigate the complex and sometimes confusing world of Funeral Arrangements.



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